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Brendan Sailing Program Received Award of $25,000

The Brendan Sailing Program (BSP) has received a generous award of amount $25,000. It is a new grant that BSP has received from two local organizations of the same area: The (BCF) Brick Companies Foundation and The Kathryn and Jerry Wood Foundation (KAJWF).

This grant has made Brendan Sailing Program more empowered and with the help of this grand, BSP will continue its goal that is building pathways for personal growth and self-confidence in children with different learning abilities through independently customized experiential teaching in sailing. The organization will use this fund for awarding added scholarships for (BSP) three primary programs that are in Annapolis, in Washington DC and St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

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The President Of Irish Sailing Push Its Active Presence At The Paris Boat Show

Paris city undeniably big and it is big and busty enough to house the Gilets Jaunes disturbances in its one corner and continue to take actively take part and run an International Boat Show (IBS) in cities different part.

The Paris Boat Show of 2018 is presently in progress and it is witnessing extraordinary involvement of Irish team, with MGM Boats of John O’Kane and Gerry Salmon in town for the introduction of the fresh Jeanneau Sunfast 3300 and others. On the other hand, La Solitaire URGO Figaro high octane energy has witnessed the focus close already and it is in the annual award ceremony of offshore racing.

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Day 2 Of Youth Sailing World Championships 2018

Team USA was fortunate on the 2nd day of the 48th annual Youth Sailing World Championships held in Corpus Christi Bay. The American sailors successfully achieved 4 out of 9 classes. Boys and Girls 420, Boys RS: X and Girls Laser Radial had a combination of newcomers and veteran sailor who led the way. In the Girls 420 Class, Carmen and Emma Cowles, the gold medalists of the U.S did not quite make it in the 1st race, but bounced back to achieve victory in the 2nd race with a huge margin. As they were finishing more than 3 races, they are allowed to discard their worst finish. The Cowles will count 3 first-place finishes and will be leading the class with 4 points over Emilia Boyle and Vita Heathcote of Great Britain.

Carmel Cowles said they crossed the line a bit in the 1st race. Only if they remain cool in the boat, things would be just fine. The event is not over as yet and hence the team needs to be very careful especially on the start line. Last year, the Cowles twins won by 26 points, including all firsts and seconds and leaving aside the disqualification. Cowles said they are trying to remain focused to keep the bow down and take the pressure. Carmen is managing well with all the right controls and also ensuring that there is sufficient power.

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The RNZYS Performance Programme Pacific Racing Team have emerged winners at the Youth International Match Racing Cup. The 2018 campaign, sponsored by Nespresso, ended with Auckland on a wet note.

Leonard Takahashi led the team including Ibuki Koizumi, Taylor Balogh, Josh Wijohnand George Lee Rush to finish as top winners at the event. The semi finals had then top seed James Wilsonpick Finn Tapper while Takahashi faced Jordan Stevenson.

Wilson, who came back from 2-0 down in the quarters, faced a tough battle with his selection Tapper. They battled a tough one and it ended in a draw. Wilson managed to shake off Tapper in a final match to determine the winner.

After the race, he said it was a repeat of the last eight. He said his team did well in the pre starts but the main race was riddled with errors and then they could not see off the fourth race. He added that they were stoked on reaching the final so they pulled it off in the fifth race to reach the grand finale.

Takahashi led Stevenson2-0 in the other semi final clash. Takahashi was sailing hard and Stevenson was very close to the rocks. Stevenson was forced to sail towards the rocks of the Westhaven sea wall. He was black flagged and had to be towed off so Takahashi entered the finale on a high.

Wilson did well but it was obvious from the start that Takahashi had his eyes on the prize. In the pre start, he was penalized but he kept on getting rid of them with his fine sailing aided by the excellent boat speed. Takahashi was consistent, sailing to victory at the end. It is another plus for him after winning his last four match racing regattas.

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Hasta Nunca Won The Yacht Club Race

The Last the weekly yacht race took place in San Pablo Bay. In the event that took place on Wednesday 19 boats took part and competed.

Hasta Nunca defeated all and won the race organized by the Yacht club. She finished first in the event.

Hasta Nunca won the race in Division A, while the second place was secured by Kentucky Woman III and X-TA-C finished in third place.

In the second division, that is division B, Lean Times was the winner was, the second position was secured Trouble and third place was acquired by Wayward Wind

In the Division C, Cold Drinks II turned out as winner, whereas, the second position was secured by the Honey Moon and third was the Shadow.

The Yacht race is organized by the club every week, and it witnesses the participation of a good number of participants, mostly the one who practice yacht racing in the club. (more…)

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RC44 Victory For Katusha

Constant dedication and efforts to RC44 were well paid off on 2nd July for Russian Alexander Novoselov. Andy Horton and crew members of Katusha won their event for the first time in the RC44 championship.

Costa Smeralda of Sardinia has provided the best range of conditions for around 9 teams taking part in the RC44 Porto Cervo Cup. The weather conditions were both light and strong. On Saturday, Bareboat charter Greece website reported that there were 30-40 knot winds and the strong conditions continued on Sunday. However, it was good enough for sailing.

The team was in 3 races on 2nd July with a 2 point lead, and the position was consolidated by Katusha as she posted a 1-2 of the 2 races towards the beginning. This made the Russian RC44 win the Porto Cervo with a competition to spare which rarely happens in the fleet. (more…)

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Nacra 17 Get Support Of World Sailing

The plan to release the 45 Foiling Nacra 17’s first batches on June 26, has received the support of World Sailing.

World Sailing itself has confirmed this news. As stated in the released NoR, the European Championship, will be a foiling event, and the La Grande Motte, World Championship that is going to take place in France, will also be a foiling race and Nacra 17’s will be used in the event. Not only this, but also World Sailing has announced that its partner Aarhus, and the World Sailing itself will hold the Aarhus test event, and it will also take place in Foiling Nacra 17’s.

According the reports published in different media, both the Board of World Sailing and Nacra 17 Class Executive recently reviewed all options of transition in foiling Nacra 17 and also debated. (more…)

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Maserati Cape Town Race

The Maserati Cape Town race week was recently concluded.

In the second race of this tournament, the winds were subdued due to which Royal Cape Yacht Club hosts were a bit hesitant as to whether the race schedule would keep up. The day saw a mild north westerly wind blowing as 30 boats came in and took position for the races of the day. However, as the wind dropped, the race had to be called off. Indeed, the sailing winds around Table Bay played a crucial role and impact on the sailing vessels.

However the wind direction soon changed and that is when the second race of the day took place. There was a course change made that was announced and the race was around Milnerton Beach. The boats were then headed towards Woodstock and they followed the same route back as per the wind direction. (more…)

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2017 Boat of the Year Winners Announced

World Magazine of Sailing will announce the name of those nominees is selected for Boat of the Year 2017 awards. The announcement will be made at show of United State Sailboat 2016 in Athens. Following the event; selection of the best of best of annual arduous task will be done.

World Magazine of Sailing Editor Dave Reed said “This year judges has large and diverse boat to experience.  There was a large range of boats in different categories with some innovation this included Wasps dinghy of 14-foot foiling and built Solaria 50-Italian”. (more…)

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35th Hamble Winter Series

There is a lot of time for the 35th edition of the Hamble Winter sailing event, but the organizers of the Hamble River Sailing Club had already opened the online registration seeking participation of boats for the event. The entries saw registration for the Fast 40+, J/88 and IRC1-4 classes within the first two weeks of opening the online entry.

This event is one of the most looked forward to event by sailors and the last edition of the Hamble Winter series saw over 160 entries. The organizers are pretty confident that they will overpower the number of entries to more than 160 this year. The Hamble River Sailing Club offers a challenging Solent racing every year and the atmosphere at this event is always great. This drives the sailors to perform at this best. (more…)

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2016 Bermuda Race

Youth sailors are making their mark as is revealed in the 2016 Bermuda Race.

The winning boat has not only been sailed by a young crew, but they have taken sailing to the next level as per the expertise they have displayed. High Noon is the boat that makes its way into the Gulf Stream en-route to Bermuda. Collin is the eighteen year old captain who is aboard the boat and at the helm while Will McKeige has a similar role and age as Collin Alexander. Both are trying to fight the Farr 72 Maximizer as they compete for the line honors in the race. It is the Newport Bermuda race for this year that they were competing for.

They were part of the Junior Big Boat Sailing category and were representing the American YC club. As they passed by Farr 72 initially, they were able to gain several miles on their competitor. However, the wind shifted and the Maximizer was able to race close to their competitor. (more…)

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