2016 Bermuda Race

Youth sailors are making their mark as is revealed in the 2016 Bermuda Race.

The winning boat has not only been sailed by a young crew, but they have taken sailing to the next level as per the expertise they have displayed. High Noon is the boat that makes its way into the Gulf Stream en-route to Bermuda. Collin is the eighteen year old captain who is aboard the boat and at the helm while Will McKeige has a similar role and age as Collin Alexander. Both are trying to fight the Farr 72 Maximizer as they compete for the line honors in the race. It is the Newport Bermuda race for this year that they were competing for.

They were part of the Junior Big Boat Sailing category and were representing the American YC club. As they passed by Farr 72 initially, they were able to gain several miles on their competitor. However, the wind shifted and the Maximizer was able to race close to their competitor.

As McKeige recounts the event, their competitor was ahead of them with a difference of a few miles for most of the nocturnal journey. As the wind died after that and the Farr 72 was doing 5 knots that is when Collin and Wills knew that they had the opportunity to lift up the sails and go. The two young sailors had been preparing for years for the race. They had been mentored by senior members of the American YC who helped the club to gain a leading position in this race back in 2012. The team members were part of regattas that were distance or regional types. They helped in getting boats back from Hawaii and Bermuda. The opportunity to sail on their own arrived when they got Tripp 41 available for chartering.