2017 Boat of the Year Winners Announced

World Magazine of Sailing will announce the name of those nominees is selected for Boat of the Year 2017 awards. The announcement will be made at show of United State Sailboat 2016 in Athens. Following the event; selection of the best of best of annual arduous task will be done.

World Magazine of Sailing Editor Dave Reed said “This year judges has large and diverse boat to experience.  There was a large range of boats in different categories with some innovation this included Wasps dinghy of 14-foot foiling and built Solaria 50-Italian”.

Judges experienced performance of these boats in light air. According to the judges, the performance of any boat will remain good in 20 knots of wind. The actual efficiency of the boat comes out in lighter wind, in this situation; one can feel, see and hear the activities of boat. Judges have checked the performance of nominated boats from all aspects and in different water conditions.

As if now judges have got the satisfaction of performance from boat French built 24 foot trimaran and The Diam 24 One Design. The boats have impressed judges with this overall looks, sailing control and unbeatable performance. The honor of best multihull boat has been given to Diam 24 One-design. The judges said to be in the list of winners, the boat has to be extraordinary in three areas, performance, the purpose of design and overall control.

Boats that gave best ride to judges in year 2017 are:

Division Winners

  • Diam 24 One-Design – Best Multihull
  • J/112E – Best Crossover
  • Seascape 24 – Best Recreational Racer
  • VX EVO – Best Dinghy
  • Waspz -Best One-Design

Diam 24 One-Design – Overall Winner

Speaking about Diam 24 One-Design renowned boat builder Rich said “After many years it has happened that manufacturers have come up with a boat that has amazing looks and it is outperforming too.”