35th Hamble Winter Series

There is a lot of time for the 35th edition of the Hamble Winter sailing event, but the organizers of the Hamble River Sailing Club had already opened the online registration seeking participation of boats for the event. The entries saw registration for the Fast 40+, J/88 and IRC1-4 classes within the first two weeks of opening the online entry.

This event is one of the most looked forward to event by sailors and the last edition of the Hamble Winter series saw over 160 entries. The organizers are pretty confident that they will overpower the number of entries to more than 160 this year. The Hamble River Sailing Club offers a challenging Solent racing every year and the atmosphere at this event is always great. This drives the sailors to perform at this best.

Stuart Childerey, the PRO of the 35th Hamble Winter sailing series and owner of Kastela Yacht Charter, is happy that the entries to the event have started pouring in and they are at present ahead of the entires that they had received last year at the same time. He believes that the Hamble series is a permanent fixture in many of the sailor’s calendars and this is why you see the huge rush for this winter series.

The 2016 Hamble winter series takes place from 2nd October to 27th November. The competitors are allowed to take part in the Hamble series from J/80, J/70, SB20, HP30, IRC0-4 and the one design class. There will be the Hamble Big Boat Championships will carry out Grand Prix racers between 1.040 and 1.300 with a TCC for 12 races  in two weekends 8 to 9 October and 22 to 23 October. The Hamble Big Boat weekend will also conduct the 5th round of Fast 40+Class 2016 Series. The other one design classes will accept minimum of 8 entries and will be held on 8, 9 October and 22, 23 October.