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Outstanding Performance In Spite Of A Broken Finger!

Inspite of a broken finger, this Portland based sailor Eilidh McIntyre along with her team mate Soplhie Weguelin delivered an outstanding week of the World Cup happening in Hyeres and baged back a silver medal in the 470 women’s game.

Weguelin is a Europe based bronzed medalist. She along with McIntyre established their participation this time at the World Cup event at the very last minute. This delay was due to the broken finger of McIntyre, which happened during her training in the month of February. This made her leave out on the Palma edition which happened three weeks before. This 19 year old girl had got rid of her pin just three days ahead of the beginning of the event because of which she had to miss out on a lot of practice sessions before the competition. But she steadily moved ahead in the event which had 10 boats and finaaly reached the finish in the second position.

This British duo was keen on protecting their silver medal from the American duo of Anne Haeger and Briana Provancha who came second. They didn’t aim for gold because of the New Zealand World Champions Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie. They were successful in securing what they had aimed of.

McInytre mentioned that it was a really awesome week for her. They had sailed very well but started to get a little tired towards the end because their sailing fitness was not present in them. But in spite of all the hurdles, their performance was outstanding. They will have to work very hard on training this May.

After the brilliant start to the week, these British sailors had to face a difficult final which left them with a strong performance along with their strong luck.

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Torqeeda Successful In Taking Over Moonwave Systems

Torqeeda has finally acquired the Moonwave Systems this year and as soon as the news went on air it became viral. Two of the most innovative and best companies have joined hands with each other and this would mean they will be covering new grounds in yachting from this year. The electric and hybrid drives in water will see new developments and to top all of this Torqeeda has also made their way into the hybrid sector drive. The news for the takeover and the entry to hybrid sector drive came on the 18th of January 2014 in Dusseldorf during a boat show. The news spread quickly amongst the yacht lovers and everyone seems to be really happy with this. The agreement of the takeover was duly signed by both the companies and was made official on that day itself. The companies will be working to develop a new pattern that will soon be launched. This system will help in the normal hybrid electric propulsion and will also have both AC and DC power functioning. In this new development the companies have also made sure that the large home style appliances along with the air conditioning in the yachts will be working fine. It is believed that the home style appliances will be bigger from now on.

Apart from all this planning for the vessel’s energy management system is also being done. They have decided to use green energy from now on which will be derived from either regeneration or the solar cells and they will be integrated in a proper manner. Dr. Christoph Ballin, the CEO of Torqeedo said that he is very excited with the takeover and hopes that the two companies will reach new milestones in yachting and the developments would be better than any other in the world.

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Glenn Receives A Prestigious Media Award

The Yachting World is an online magazine which has a highly informative archive of the latest sailing news and thought provoking cruising narratives. The magazine is so famous that it has a digital and iPad edition as well.

Recently, the editor of Yachting World- David Glenn was presented the Desmond Wettern Media Award which is one of the most prestigious media award in United Kingdom and was held in London at the Institute of Directors. The media award was given to David Glenn by Admiral Sir George Michael Zambellas KCB DSC DL who is the First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff.

The Desmond Wettern Media Award is given to media persons, broadcasters, writers and any other similar figures who are engaged in constructive activities that spread awareness regarding latest maritime issues of United Kingdom. This award was initiated to appreciate the commendable work done by Desmond Wettern who was a naval correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. Maritime Foundation organizes this media award ceremony in order to emphasize the dependence on UK’s maritime activities.

The judges of the Desmond Wettern Media Award 2013 said that Mr. Glenn deserved the award because Yachting World magazine is absolutely informative, accessible and visually very attractive. It covers not only the major sailing events that take place in UK but it also provides reliable yacht reviews, tactical tips and other knowledgeable guidance in relation to yachting.

David Glenn said that he is extremely honored and elated that his contribution has been given recognition through such an important media award. Glenn has been associated with the Yachting World magazine from the year 1979. Ever since he joined the magazine, Yachting World has improved considerably and its popularity has also been augmenting significantly. He oversees the following sections of Yachting World: Yachts news, large yacht characteristics and SuperSail section.

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David Glenn Wins Media Award

David Glenn, the editor of Yachting World has been recently awarded the Maritime Foundation’s Desmond Wettern Media Award for his exemplary contribution towards maritime issues. The award was presented by the First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sir George Zambellas KCB DSC in London at an event of Institute of Directors. This award is presented to academic, broadcaster, writer or any other person who has made significant contribution to increasing the general public awareness regarding the current maritime issues of the United Kingdom. This award was created to commemorate the works of Desmond Wettern, the renowned and celebrated naval correspondent of the Daily Telegrapg who passed away in the year 1991.

The objective of the Maritime Foundation is to promote and increase awareness regarding how dependent Britain is on the sea and Wettern believed that the security and economic well being of Britain was integrally linked to the sea.

The award judges, while describing what the foundation viewed as Glenn’s ‘outstanding lifetime achievement in providing the best and most up to date yachting news’ said that Yacht World is informative, accessible and visually very attractive. The magazine maintains a heightened interest in yachting and is adept in balancing cutting edge excitement that is generated by the sport and the feats of endurance. The magazine also offers tips of yachting and cruising and also yacht reviews; all in all, the magazine offers knowledgeable and practical guidance to the readers.

David Glenn said that the opinion the award judges beautifully sum up the character of the magazine. He further said that he felt extremely honored and elated to win this prestigious award.

Other award winners included Rose George for her book Deep Sea and Foreign Going  Mountbatten Maritime Award, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Keo Films for the Channel 4 television series Hugh’s Fish Fight (Donald Gosling Broadcast Award), Type-23 frigate HMS Monmouth (Desmond Wettern Fleet Award for the best media contribution from a naval ship, submarine, RN air squadron or Royal Marine unit) and Andrew Linington, editor of Nautilus Telegraph (Maritime Fellowship Award).

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Petersburg Emerges as Best Yachting Spot in US

The Alaskan sailing enthusiasts must be in a fantastic mood off late- it’s their “Little Norway” Petersburg that has been voted as best of yachting towns across America.

According to sources, an overwhelming niche of “Yachting Magazine” readers has vouched for Petersburg (Alaska) as the best of 2013 yachting spots in America. The newly chosen #1 US yachting town is an American fishing community situated around 100 ml southwards of Juneau. The Alaskan town originally made to the roster of top fifty towns from which the magazine editors brought it to the list for top 10. The readers voted online. “Petersburg effortlessly made it to the to in the competition”, stated Dan Harding, the associate editor from Yachting Magazine.

The Alaskans’ “Little Norway” has been acknowledged with 44 % vote & is entitled as the topmost port in the November edition of Yachting Magazine. The previous winners were Beuford, N.C. & Oxford, Md. Jamestown, R.I., held the 2nd position in the 2013 competition while Seattle came up with the 3rd placement. New Orleans was shoved back to the 10th place this time.

Harding was delighted to witness so much of support for comparatively smaller communities such as Petersburg. In his own verse-“Whenever we come across locations such as Oxford or Petersburg, it’s the actual treat. I feel it is a true treat for our readers as well since these are the amazing locations which don’t earn their deserved recognition. Sure, these aren’t much popular or do not hold marinas with triple digit figure of slips, yet I believe what they are lacking in terms of amenity is actually made up with natural beauty- & I feel it is basically what this competition is all about. We are always hopeful to fish out the town gems & strongly believe that Petersburg is actually a fantastic destination.”

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