Hasta Nunca Won The Yacht Club Race

The Last the weekly yacht race took place in San Pablo Bay. In the event that took place on Wednesday 19 boats took part and competed.

Hasta Nunca defeated all and won the race organized by the Yacht club. She finished first in the event.

Hasta Nunca won the race in Division A, while the second place was secured by Kentucky Woman III and X-TA-C finished in third place.

In the second division, that is division B, Lean Times was the winner was, the second position was secured Trouble and third place was acquired by Wayward Wind

In the Division C, Cold Drinks II turned out as winner, whereas, the second position was secured by the Honey Moon and third was the Shadow.

The Yacht race is organized by the club every week, and it witnesses the participation of a good number of participants, mostly the one who practice yacht racing in the club.

When asked Nunca about, how she is feeling after winning the race, she replied, ”Though this event is not a big one, still, the participants here take it as an important race and we put all our efforts to give our best. Today, I too did the same, wind and weather favored me and I won the race. For me it is a big achievement.”

Winner of division B, Lean Times, too had the same kind of feeling, when interviewed her. She said,”Every race is important for us, no matter big or small. It built up our stamina, motivates us and gives us the experience of participating in the events. I have been practicing yacht racing since long and this win has brought a lot of motivation for me.”

The Division C winner Cold Drinks II too has similar kind of feeling when contacted to share her experience.