Maserati Cape Town Race

The Maserati Cape Town race week was recently concluded.

In the second race of this tournament, the winds were subdued due to which Royal Cape Yacht Club hosts were a bit hesitant as to whether the race schedule would keep up. The day saw a mild north westerly wind blowing as 30 boats came in and took position for the races of the day. However, as the wind dropped, the race had to be called off. Indeed, the sailing winds around Table Bay played a crucial role and impact on the sailing vessels.

However the wind direction soon changed and that is when the second race of the day took place. There was a course change made that was announced and the race was around Milnerton Beach. The boats were then headed towards Woodstock and they followed the same route back as per the wind direction.

As on day one, Cape Fling was able to secure the honors of IRC 1 Division. The crew was able to sail home and stay ahead of Nitro and Vulcan vessels. The win was indeed a sweet victory for the crew of Cape Fling. Barney Smith, who was skipper of Cape Fling, announced that he was happy with the win as were the rest of the crew members. Even though things did not go as per plan, on day two, but the focus was on to do well. Even though the course was longer the conditions were favorable and that is what made the difference for the team. In the race of IRC 2 Division, the Hollard Jacana yacht gained victory. The wind directions were well calculated by them, which helped them make the most of the wind conditions. They had a cruiser racer vessel and hence, they were able to make use of the strong winds.