Petersburg Emerges as Best Yachting Spot in US

The Alaskan sailing enthusiasts must be in a fantastic mood off late- it’s their “Little Norway” Petersburg that has been voted as best of yachting towns across America.

According to sources, an overwhelming niche of “Yachting Magazine” readers has vouched for Petersburg (Alaska) as the best of 2013 yachting spots in America. The newly chosen #1 US yachting town is an American fishing community situated around 100 ml southwards of Juneau. The Alaskan town originally made to the roster of top fifty towns from which the magazine editors brought it to the list for top 10. The readers voted online. “Petersburg effortlessly made it to the to in the competition”, stated Dan Harding, the associate editor from Yachting Magazine.

The Alaskans’ “Little Norway” has been acknowledged with 44 % vote & is entitled as the topmost port in the November edition of Yachting Magazine. The previous winners were Beuford, N.C. & Oxford, Md. Jamestown, R.I., held the 2nd position in the 2013 competition while Seattle came up with the 3rd placement. New Orleans was shoved back to the 10th place this time.

Harding was delighted to witness so much of support for comparatively smaller communities such as Petersburg. In his own verse-“Whenever we come across locations such as Oxford or Petersburg, it’s the actual treat. I feel it is a true treat for our readers as well since these are the amazing locations which don’t earn their deserved recognition. Sure, these aren’t much popular or do not hold marinas with triple digit figure of slips, yet I believe what they are lacking in terms of amenity is actually made up with natural beauty- & I feel it is basically what this competition is all about. We are always hopeful to fish out the town gems & strongly believe that Petersburg is actually a fantastic destination.”