8 comments on “Superyacht Schooner Gloria”

  1. riotagus says:

    For a big boat , she seems to roll a lot .

  2. runeguldberg says:

    Same story again. Lots of money but no sailing.

  3. tawewel says:

    Wow.. Schooner Gloria I was worked this boat as deckhand, I miss a lot..

  4. Javier Rullan Ruano says:

    Beautiful schooner at Altea…

  5. Fabio Barbaranelli says:
  6. Lorenzo Catalano says:

    Absolutely no words for such a beautiful schooner. Superb…

  7. DouglasUrantia says:

    I appreciate this video of yacht Gloria. I assume they keep a small engine
    working all the time for electric power. I like to watch the motion of the
    ship on the water and the men working on board. Thanks so much!!

  8. Javier Rullan Ruano says:

    Yes Douglas, I think that is the reason to keep the engine working. Thanks
    for your support.

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