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October 8, 2016 / by index / Yacht / No Comments

2016 Bermuda Race

Youth sailors are making their mark as is revealed in the 2016 Bermuda Race.

The winning boat has not only been sailed by a young crew, but they have taken sailing to the next level as per the expertise they have displayed. High Noon is the boat that makes its way into the Gulf Stream en-route to Bermuda. Collin is the eighteen year old captain who is aboard the boat and at the helm while Will McKeige has a similar role and age as Collin Alexander. Both are trying to fight the Farr 72 Maximizer as they compete for the line honors in the race. It is the Newport Bermuda race for this year that they were competing for.

They were part of the Junior Big Boat Sailing category and were representing the American YC club. As they passed by Farr 72 initially, they were able to gain several miles on their competitor. However, the wind shifted and the Maximizer was able to race close to their competitor. (more…)

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Russian Stole and Sunk 40ft Yacht

The authorities of Norway have officially asked for the extradition of Evgeny Dorofeev, the thirty-five year old Russian, who is wanted by them for the reported theft of a forty feet yacht that sank after hitting rocks near Skerryvore lighthouse, located south of Tiree on 16th February.

Dorofeev was saved by helicopter from the sinking boat and has been jailed in custody since that time. The Norwegians stated that he had reached a deal with the firm that owned the yacht to have it for some time on term that he did not go out of Norwegian waters. The vessel had been evaluated in the region of £200000. (more…)

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Finding a Good Yacht for Sale

For those who want to buy a yacht, the difficult thing is finding a good one to buy and at the right price. If you think it’s a tough job trying to find a good yacht for sale, here are some steps that will help you in your search.

  1. 1. Research thoroughly

When looking for anything, it’s important to research properly before committing to anything. That goes for trying to get a Solent yacht charter to actually buying a boat of your own. Yachts can be very expensive, so it’s not a small decision that you’ll be making when you do eventually buy one. Use the internet to your advantage, since that is one of the best resources available. (more…)

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Burnt yacht sinks in River

Boaties have been asked to ensure their all their instruments are safe following a fire which saw a yacht sink to the bottom of the river. Auckland fire crews from Manurewa, Clevedon, and Papakura, along with the Howick Coastguard, were asked to the blaze on Wairoa River at around 11.30 am yesterday.

Alan Martin, the Howick Coastguard operations manager, told that the flames had done a huge damage by the time he came. The whole crew packed up yet another fire team from the jetty and they utilized their pump to serve deal with the blaze.

He also added that the boat was almost burnt out, it was the end of it. He, in fact, could not believe that the boat was still afloat but upon closer inspection it had a concrete hull so everything burnt but that. Wairoa River is punic for depth but the Coastguard team did not run into any difficulties. It was very fortunate that none was hurt. (more…)

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Volvo Ocean Race’s Second Leg started on Wednesday 19th November

The second leg of the Volvo ocean race started from Cape Town on 19th November, the race will end at Abu Dhabi. The crews were warned that cyclone or tropical storms may occur on the course.

The total number of crew members in the race is 66. It is feared that the weather the crew members will encounter on the Indian Ocean might be very bad. The organizers of the race were late in taking appropriate measures to diminish the risk of the crew members.

Certain exclusion zones were set in such a way that the boats may be safe from pirates. The exclusion zones of the Volvo ocean race were not disclosed earlier for security reasons but presently the more concerning factor on the second leg of the race is the high intensity winds. (more…)

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The New Casino Ship Ready To Offer Better Services

The Victory Casino Cruise is the new casino ship that arrived at Mayport this summer but has seen a great year. There have been more than 50000 passengers who have sailed in the ship and the ship has sailed more than 50 times since it came out. The ship has seen very smooth sailing and the turnout was almost at par with a ship same as this in Canaveral.

The CEO of Victory, Lester Bullock said in a statement that they are right on track as they offer one of the best experiences on any casino cruise starting from gaming to dining. The customer is given the overall experience. They do not have the same services as given by the other cruises but they provide even better than those. They have set a high bar as they have high expectations about the turnout and are happy that the passengers are appreciating a product that is superior to the others. Right now, the ship looks forward to serve the community and give the utmost enjoyment.

Ferry Fest became one of the biggest sponsors of Victory in August for a community event in which the Mayport Village and St. Johns River Ferry were celebrated. The ship also works for philanthropic purposes as they serve Children of Fallen Patriots, The Donna Foundation and the Toys for Tots every month.

As per the company statement, the ship has generated more than $2200 for non-profit organizations in the last three months. 22% of the staff on the ship is Ex-military and it has a total of 300 staff members.

The company also said that they are expecting an estimated $12 million as per its direct impact in the area for the first year. They say that they will continue to stand for the place that is nothing but home to them and are also looking forward to a great year filled with prosperity in 2015.

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Bangkok based Yacht Company hired

The premier super yacht service provider of Thailand, Yacht Solutions has been hired as a marine consultant for the new action packed blockbuster movie, Mechanic: Resurrection directed by Dennis Gansel, starring action hero Jason Statham and is scheduled to be released in January, 2016.

The shooting for this exciting movie started in Bangkok in November with Statham playing the central protagonist in the movie in the role of a master assassin who fakes his death to escape from his previous profession and lead a life of peace and solace. (more…)

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