The best in single-level yachts

Yachts come in varying shapes and sizes, and there are many differentiations when it comes to design. And one of the most popular yacht designs are the single-level yachts, which make for decent, value for money yachts, and many people who are yachting enthusiasts swear by these yachts. These are lightweight yachts, and are not too rough on your budget. And Aquastar have recently come out with the 430 Aft Cockpit, which is set to bring in a different flavour of style and efficiency in the yachting world.

This design is set to take on the highly successful Hardy 40DS, which has taken the yachting world by storm. This boat has turned many heads at the London Boat Show, and Aquastar could not have chosen a better time to unveil its new masterpiece. The hull of the 430 Aft Cockpit is the same as that of the 430 Aft Cabin, which is a successful existing model, and this has been done to cut back on production costs, and also ensure reliability. The most notable difference in the design is the inclusion of the large windows, which have now come to be a notable feature on many of Aquastar’s models. The woodwork all through the yacht is of the best quality, and is fully lacquered. Below the deck, there are two cabins, and the bunks amidships are sure to add to the long list of features that this yacht will come with. The master cabin comes with scissor action berths, and this has been done so that it can be made into two in the blink of an eye.

The engines are twin diesel ones, which were donated by, and can perform extremely well, but there is an option for a single engine for those who want it, and one can even ask for a hybrid drive if one so desires.