Torqeeda Successful In Taking Over Moonwave Systems

Torqeeda has finally acquired the Moonwave Systems this year and as soon as the news went on air it became viral. Two of the most innovative and best companies have joined hands with each other and this would mean they will be covering new grounds in yachting from this year. The electric and hybrid drives in water will see new developments and to top all of this Torqeeda has also made their way into the hybrid sector drive. The news for the takeover and the entry to hybrid sector drive came on the 18th of January 2014 in Dusseldorf during a boat show. The news spread quickly amongst the yacht lovers and everyone seems to be really happy with this. The agreement of the takeover was duly signed by both the companies and was made official on that day itself. The companies will be working to develop a new pattern that will soon be launched. This system will help in the normal hybrid electric propulsion and will also have both AC and DC power functioning. In this new development the companies have also made sure that the large home style appliances along with the air conditioning in the yachts will be working fine. It is believed that the home style appliances will be bigger from now on.

Apart from all this planning for the vessel’s energy management system is also being done. They have decided to use green energy from now on which will be derived from either regeneration or the solar cells and they will be integrated in a proper manner. Dr. Christoph Ballin, the CEO of Torqeedo said that he is very excited with the takeover and hopes that the two companies will reach new milestones in yachting and the developments would be better than any other in the world.