Volvo Ocean Race’s Second Leg started on Wednesday 19th November

The second leg of the Volvo ocean race started from Cape Town on 19th November, the race will end at Abu Dhabi. The crews were warned that cyclone or tropical storms may occur on the course.

The total number of crew members in the race is 66. It is feared that the weather the crew members will encounter on the Indian Ocean might be very bad. The organizers of the race were late in taking appropriate measures to diminish the risk of the crew members.

Certain exclusion zones were set in such a way that the boats may be safe from pirates. The exclusion zones of the Volvo ocean race were not disclosed earlier for security reasons but presently the more concerning factor on the second leg of the race is the high intensity winds.

On the starting day of the second leg of the race, the sailors experienced high intensity winds. It was very hard for them to control the boat then and they chose conventional sails for their boats. After the start of the second leg of the race, Team Brunel was at the front of the fleet followed by team SCA and Team MAPFRE respectively.

Notwithstanding the dangerous weather conditions, the fleet will continue to move towards Abu Dhabi. Charles Enright, Captain of the American Team Alvimedica said that all the teams participating in the second leg of the Volvo Ocean race will have to use conventional methods and equipments; he further added that they might face conditions that may be the worst that they have ever faced.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing team which made almost no mistakes thus far in the competition is considered to be one of the favourites. Ian Walker, the British skipper of the team when asked whether the team is enjoying a home advantage modestly said that he’ll be very satisfied if the boat manages to get within range and reach Abu Dhabi after that. He’s also sure that after the fleet reaches Abu Dhabi, they’ll be given a wonderful welcome.